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PHCC Los Angeles is honored to present Roger Wakefield as the Flow Expo’s Keynote Speaker



Advocate for the trades and the largest blue collar influencer on social media. Be successful without student debt. Founder of The Trades Academy, The Trade Talks Podcast, The Texas Whiskey Society and

What I Know For Sure…  You Can Build Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

“Growing up, my family encouraged me to be a hard worker. And that’s not all: Close friends were all plumbers in Texas. They took me under their wing and encouraged me to get all the training I could and always do things the right way. I’ve built a successful business and had opportunities I never could’ve imagined; and I want everyone who’s willing to work hard to know they can too. It bothers me how many people have never learned about the trades (or if they do, they don’t know that training and education could make them more money). Blue collar workers built America. The trades are a pathway to a successful life, and something to be proud of.”

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SuperTech University

The Road to 7 Figures” Only 5% of all businesses will reach 7 figures, learn how to be one of them. 1. Personal habits required to become a successful entrepreneur. 2. Understanding executive function in a service business. 3. Knowing your numbers. The importance of job costing and key performance indicators as a roadmap to success. 4. How to build systems in your business to make it more profitable. 5. Sales and Marketing strategies for home service businesses.

AO Smith Heat Pump

Overview of AO Smith products offering on Heat Pumps including our new 120v Heat Pump. Install tips and Rebate Programs available.

We will also be introducing a NEW product from AO Smith.

Abdulaziz Grossbart & Rudman – Bruce D. Rudman

Contracts and Provisions to Help You Navigate Our Changing Laws and Circumstances- What you can include in your contracts to protect your rights: Do you know what is a “force majeure”? It is probably not what you think. Can you deal with material cost escalations? Are you limited to an extension of time in the event extraordinary events delay your projects? What are the current limits on indemnity? How long can a contractor delay payment to a subcontractor when it is not being paid by an owner (through no fault of the subcontractor)? What is a conduit clause? How to include effective exclusions in a public works bid for your services. These and other timely topics will be discussed in the evolving world. You should know how to deal with these issues, or know your limitations so you properly price your work.

Grease Interceptors by Schier.

Hydro-Mechanical vs gravity. Warranty, applications, Sand and Oil interceptors by Striem – Where and Why we should be using, applications.

Bradford White Water Heaters Michael Corbett – Learn about the most efficient water heating technology on the market, available rebates, sales and installation tips.

Roger Wakefield “Being the Best of the Best -The importance of Setting yourself apart”

Roger will cover mindset, tips and actual steps to achieve being your very best.

General Wire Picking the Right Tool for the Job – Dave Dunbar- Picking the right tool for the job is critically important for success in the trades. However, knowing the best way to combine your devices to create an effective synergy on the job can save you time and make you money. For the drain cleaning professional, this knowledge is especially important.