Scam Notices

  Unaffiliated Listing Services.

The Flow Expo has become aware of Exhibitors being solicited by non-US companies offering “Exhibitor Directory” ads. The letters and emails are designed to look as though they are coming from or endorsed by the Flow Expo or PHCC-GLAA.  These companies are in no way representing or contracted by the Flow Expo. The Flow Expo Exhibitor Directory listing is included with the purchase of your booth and is directly accessible via the “Exhibitor Service Center” on the Flow Expo website.

Please be aware these companies claims are a scam, it is an attempt to have your company contract for a fraudulent non-existing listing for thousands of dollars. At least one of these offers comes from a Slovakian company known as Fair Guide. While this contract binds you to Slovakian law it also allows the company to utilize a collection agency in your jurisdiction to seek payment. 

The Flow Expo strongly enforces our trademarks in the United States, however when it comes to international jurisdictions we have little ability to force compliance.

  Hotel Booking Agencies

Many exhibitors have been contacted by travel companies that present themselves as being an official representative of the Flow Expo. The Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center is the Official Hotel of the Flow Expo, and the direct link for room reservations is available on the Flow Expo website.  While the offers of lower prices on the official and surrounding hotels may seem a good deal, be aware that these offers are fraudulent and most often leave you without a reservation.

  Attendee Lists

Many of our exhibitors as well as ourselves have been inundated with offers to sell our shows attendee list. Our attendee mailing list is available only to paid exhibitors following the show via an online survey request. We DO NOT sell our listing to anyone. We have verified that these lists do not reflect our true listing and are worthless as they are unverified contacts and addresses. Many of these solicitors falsely claim to represent the Flow Expo or are employees of the Flow Expo. If you are a previous year paid exhibitor and haven’t received a link to the Exhibitor Survey please contact us at