Exhibitor Alerts

The Flow Expo Exhibitors are being targeted by companies offering "Exhibitor Directory" ads in independent publications. The letters are designed to look as though they are coming from or endorsed by The Flow Expo or the PHCC of the Greater Los Angeles Area which they are NOT. The Flow Expo directory listing is included to every exhibitor as part of their booth package. The names of these guides may be "Expo-Guide", "Show Guides" or something similar, the companies are located outside the United States often in Mexico or former Soviet republics.

Recently, some exhibitors have also been approached by companies representing themselves as room booking agents for the Flow Expo. The Flow Expo does not use booking agents for its hotel room reservations. The official hotel of the Flow Expo is always posted on our website with a direct link to the reservations page.

Several exhibitors have been approached or solicited by companies offering to provide furniture, carpet, audio/visual equipment, etc. The Flow Expo's official provider for carpet, furniture and booth equipment is JPA Expo. Audio/Visual equipment can be contracted for through the convention centers in-house provider Projection, Inc.. We caution exhibitors when doing business with any outside vendor to verify their business practices and scrutinize their contracts carefully before signing.

DO NOT fall prey to any of these scams. If you receive anything from the Flow Expo that does not have our letterhead or our logo & return address on the envelope or you receive email that does not include our return address you should be suspicious and contact our offices immediately. Sign nothing...Pay nothing...Until you contact us directly.

The following companies are Officially working for/or with the Flow Expo.

  • JPA Expo (Show Decoration & Logistics)
  • The Seminar Group/Speedbadge (Attendee Registration)
  • Rennaissance Long Beach (Hotel Accommodations)
  • Projection, Inc (Audio/Visual Equipment)
  • Smart CIty (Telephone/Internet Connectivity)