2020 Flow Expo Exhibit Fees


Standard Booths Fees  (per 100sf Booth)

Minimum Booth size is 100 sf (10’ x 10’)

Number of Booths (SF)

Early Bird

1 – 3 Booths (100 – 300 sf) $1833 $1950  
4 or More Booths (400+ sf) $1645 $1750  
Non-Industry Booths N/A $2500  
Vehicle Space N/A $2100  

Early Bird Discount ends August 31st, 2019

PHCC Member Discount of $100 per exhibitor contract.

PHCC Member Discount may not be combined with other discounts.

Right of First Refusal for 2019 Exhibitors ends June 15th, 2019

Right of First Refusal – All 2019 exhibitors that submit an application and  deposit as required by the Exhibition Contract on or before June 15th, 2019 shall have the right-of-first refusal on their 2019 booth space.

All Exhibition Contracts are accepted on a first come basis per their date and time of submittal.